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Jewellery, Crystal Jewellary, Necklaces, Pendants, Crystals,
Crystal Healing, Crystal Brooches, Chakra Balancing,
Rune Stones, Animal Crystals.

Crystal Jewellery
Information about crystal jewellery.

Crystal Tumblestones
Natural crystal tumblestones, suitable for crystal healing.

Crystal Healing
Information about crystal healing.

Crystal Healing Properties
Information about healing properties of crystals
from contributions by members of the public.

Crystal Necklaces
Handmade Crystal Necklaces
Lapis Lazuli Necklaces
Amethyst Necklaces
Rose Quartz Necklaces
Turquoise Necklaces
Moonstone Necklaces
Moonstone Necklaces
Custom Made Necklaces
T-Bar Necklaces

ID Card Necklaces
Necklaces (lanyards) suitable for
ID cards and mobile / cell phones.

Chakra Balancing Products
Products based on the ancient indian system of chakras.
Chakra Balancing Crystals
Chakra Balancing Necklaces
Upper Chakra Necklace Style 1
Upper Chakra Necklace
Style 2

Chakra Balancing Bracelet

Mobile Phone Charms
Crystal jewellery for mobile / cell phones.

Pet Collar Crystals & Crosses
Crystals for animal collars, dog collar crystals, cat collar crystals.

Wide selection of crystal pendants.
Brazilian Crystal Pendants
Sterling Silver Crystal Pendants
Amethyst/Rose Quartz Crystal Pendants
Citrine Crystal Pendants
Crystal Heart Pendants
Oval Crystal Pendants
Round Crystal Pendants
Kunzite Crystal Pendants
Topaz Crystal Pendants
Blue Kyanite Crystal Pendants
Crystal Tip Pendants
Fossil Pendants
Crystal Merkaba Pendants
Student Crystal Pendants
Celtic Pendants
Silver Crystal Pendants
Shark Tooth Pendants
Crystal Arrowhead Pendants
Dragon-Fly Pendant

Crystal Earrings & Earstuds
Wide selection of crystal earrings
and crystal earstuds.
Amethyst/Rose Quartz Crystal Earrings
Citrine Crystal Earrings
Crystal Heart Earrings
Crystal Prisma Star Earrings
Birthstone Crystal Earstuds
Oval Crystal Earstunds
Round Crystal Earstuds
Kunzite Crystal Earrings
Topaz Crystal Earrings
Blue Crystal Kyanite Earrings

Crystal Stick Pin Brooches
Handmade crystal stick pin brooches.
Wide selection of crystals available.

Crystal Pendulums suitable for dowsing.

Genuine crystal power bracelets
Ethnic Crystal Bracelets
Handmade ethnic crystal bracelets
Crystal Power Bracelets
Crystal power bracelets inspired bt the Dahli Lahma
Crystal Power Bracelets A - D
Crystal Power Bracelets F - L
Crystal Power Bracelets M - R
Crystal Power Bracelets S - U

Feng Shui Products
Feng Shui Crystals
Feng Shui Mirror

Tourmaline Crystal Jewellery
Black Tourmaline Crystal Jewellery
Watermelon Tourmaline Crystal Jewellery
Green Tourmaline Crystal Jewellery

Other Products
Sterling Silver Chains
20", 18" and 16" solid sterling silver chains.
Silk Purses
ID Card Necklaces
Valentine Gift
Valentine Pendant
Crystal Rune Stones
Dragon-Fly Pendant

Custom Made Necklaces
Bespoke crystal necklaces.
Choose you own crystal combinations.

Magnetic Hematite Jewellery
Magnetic hematite necklaces and bracelets.

New Items
Amethyst Sun Pendants
Rhodocrosite Bracelets
Blue Lace Agate Pendants
Amber Pendants
Crystal Angels
Shell Bracelets

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Cleansing Your Crystals
Information about cleansing your crystals.

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