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Contact Details

Contact Details

Martin Bullock
233 Runley Road
07780 593793

Please e-mail: ORDERS with your requirements if you would like to pay by cheque.
Payment details and mailing address will be sent to you by return.
Free gift with orders over 20

For any other queries or prices of crystals not listed, plase e-mail:

Thank-you for choosing

Please note: all of the described 'powers and properties' of the crystals and minerals are to be found in currently published works. Crystals Direct does not claim that these powers are repeatable for everyone. Individual receptivity is as important as the properties of the crystals themselves. As in traditional medicine, certain people are more receptive to particular treatments and drugs than others.
If the described properties are not experienced it could be due to individual receptivity or that a particular sample of the crystal or mineral is not strong enough to work.
Crystals Direct bears no responsibility as to the effectiveness of individual crystals or minerals.

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