Crystal Cleansing

Many people believe that crystals should be cleansed before use.
This is to remove the negative energy they have acquired by being handled by others.
Cleaning a crystal leaves a blank slate that will become personal to you.

Various methods are detailed below. Chose one you feel happy with.
Your intuition is the best guide.
The regularity you cleanse your crystals again depends on you. You will know when the time is right.

Salt Water

Immerse the crystal in sea water (or pure mineral water with sea salt added).
This method is not generally recommended as some of the softer crystals can be damaged.


Hold the crystal in you hand and visualise a calming, clear and fresh image.
Examples would be a waterfall, a deserted beach or a mountain stream.
With this image in you mind take a deep breath and blow over the crystal two or three times.


Place the crystal in the smoke from incense or a sage smudge stick.

Amethyst Druze

Place crystal on a natural piece of amethyst for around 24 hours.


Bury crystal in the ground for at least 24 hours, or a cycle of the sun and moon.
(But remember where you buried it!)


Leave outside in the rain. The ideal time is spring when there can be heavy showers followed by strong sunlight and a clear moon at night.
Leave for at least 24 hours to use the full cycle of the sun and moon.


Pure sound vibrations from a tuning fork, bell or gong can energetically clean crystals.

The above list is not definitive but should give you a fair idea of the methods used. Again let your own intuition be your guide.
If you feel comfortable with a method then it is probably the most effective for you.
The main thing is to enjoy your crystals so they can be a life enhancing addition to your home.

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