Stress in the Workplace

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Traditionally stress has been seen as an unavoidable feature of modern life. Although a certain amount of stress can be beneficial for most people, prolonged stress can be a serious threat to health.
Research has shown that stress can have a detrimental effect on a person's immune system which can lead to an increase in minor ailments, such as colds and flu, causing the employee to take days off work for legitimate reasons that could have been avoided. The Sunday Times published the Occupational Stress Register in May 1997 which highlighted the cost of stress to business. Stress factors can reduce a company's profits by up to 10%. Current estimates suggest that businesses in the UK lose 11 billion annually through sick pay, reduced produtivity and missed deadlines.

Holistic Therapy in the Workplace

Companies can see a direct benefit by employing Alternative Therapy at Work to treat and advise their employees on stress in the workplace.
Apart from the physiological benefits of the individual therapies, employees appreciate their employers recognising that there may be a possibility of work related stress and are actively addressing the situation.
Alternative Therapy at Work aims to work with the employer to increase staff morale, reduce stress-related sick days and ensure that minor ailments do not cost the company lost revenue.
Programmes are totally flexible to suit the clients needs.

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