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Holistic Therapy in the Workplace

To help increase your staff's morale and reduce
stress in the workplace.

Established to provide the very best in holistic treatments in the workplace. All treatments are aimed to relax, refresh and revitalise, which can have a direct influence on morale, productivity and stress related sick-days. Therapists qualified to international standards ensure that the most professional and appropriate treatments are performed.
All treatments are especially adapted to suit the workplace and are available in ten to sixty minute sessions.

Stress in the Workplace

Stress has been a factor in the work situation for many years. Everybody requires a certain degree of stress to aid self-motivation and avoid inertia.
Unfortunately due to the pressures of modern life stress levels can reach unacceptably high levels for prolonged periods of time. This can lead to health problems as the body's immune system becomes impaired when under stress for unnaturally long periods.
Please Click Here for further information on how stress can be a direct cost to business. Alternative Therapy at Work utilise the following natural holistic treatments to help companies provide an effective cost effective solution.


The purest plant essences and essential oils are blended to alleviate stress, uplift the spirits , encourage positive thinking and boost the immune system. Applied by restorative massage to help with musuclar pains and tension.
Please Click Here for further information on how aromatherapy can be used in the workplace.


A natural holistic therapy using special massage techniques of the feet. Able to induce deep relaxation followed by increased energy levels. Helps to restore the body's natural balance and well being.
Please Click Here for further information on how reflexology can be used in the workplace

Indian Head Massage

Probably the most suitable treatment for the workplace.
Performed through clothing in a seated position, especially suited for
keyboard operators and desk workers.
Please Click Here for further information on how Indian Head Massage can be used in the workplace.

On-Site Massage

A relaxing or invigorating massage can help with muscle tension and renew energy levels.
Please Click Here for further information on how masssage can be used in the workplace.

For further information on the above therapies please see:
Stress in the Workplace
Indian Head Massage
On-Site Massage

Full Mobile Service to Office or Workplace

Corporate & Private Clients Welcome

Fellow of the International Council of Holistic Therapists

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