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The history of massage goes back as far as man itself. Ancient Chinese writings show they had a system of massage over 5000 years ago. But as a natural reaction to pain is to rub the affected area it is fair to assume that a form of massage has been used since pre-historic times.
Per Heinreich Ling made a major contribution to massage therapy in the early nineteenth century. He stated the importance of a knowledge in anatomy and physiology before practising massage and also introduced the terms widely used today to describe the classical massage movements, such as 'effleurage' (derived from the French word 'Effleur' which means to skim over). It is the work of Ling that has given us the term 'Swedish Massage' today.

Massage in the Workplace

Taking massage into the workplace started in America in the early 1980's when some companies realised the effect that long working hours were having on their workforce.
The use of massage can be very effective in a business environment. Aches and pains can be effectively relieved as well as more potentially serious conditions such as back pain and loss of joint mobility.
Treatment times can vary from 20 minutes to over an hour depending on your staff's needs. An effective back, neck, hand and arm massage can normally be performed within 30 minutes.
Our therapists use a traditional therapy couch which enables total relaxation during the treatment which in turn adds to the total effectiveness of the therapy.

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