Badges 'Bonus Bundle'

Save money with our 'Bonus Bundle'

6 badges for the price of 5
Choose any 6 badges (any type, any colour) and pay only 20 instead of 24

Includes postage to UK

Please note that this offer does not work on some settings.
Please buy 5 badges in the normal way and email your sixth choice to ORDERS

Sorry for the inconvenience.

'Bonus Bundle'

Quantity: Select Badge 1: Select Badge 2: Select Badge 3: Select Badge 4: Select Badge 5: Select Badge 6: Check out now

Please be careful when using a 'scroll mouse' as it can change your selection if you move it while the item is still blue

Return within 14 days if not completely satisfied.

Discounts for larger orders: 15 and over 2.50 each
50 and over 2.30 each
No minimum number of any badge design.
Please e-mail: ORDERS with details of your order and invoice instructions.

Please e-mail: ORDERS with your requirements if you would like to pay by cheque.
Payment details and mailing address will be sent to you by return.

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