Indian Head Massage

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The treatment can be traced back over a 1000 years to India. Traditionally practiced between family members to improve scalp and hair condition. Oil would be massaged into the hair and scalp on a regular basis to keep the hair shiny and healthy. The teatment is also known as champissage from the Hindu word 'champi' meaning massage - which is where the word shampoo comes from. Around 20 years ago a therapist called Narendra Metha developed the treatment to include the upper back, shoulders, neck and face. He believed that these were very important energy centres in the body and by treating these the whole body could benefit. Many people complain of tension in these areas when under stress or frustrated, especially when working long hours. The treatment can be very effective in reducing stress, tension, headaches and migrane. It is can also help with conditions that are not necessarily associated with the areas worked. For example, eczema in other parts of the body can be eased by relieving stress and tension.

Indian Head Massage in the Workplace

Probably the most suitable treatment for the workplace as it can be performed through light clothing from a seated position and benefits can be seen from very short treatments lasting from as short as 10 minutes. Alternative Therapy at Work also includes the hands and lower arms in the treatment as these are areas that also show tension in the office environment. No oil is used in the hair and the way the therapists perform the treatment there is little disturbance to the hair (as may have been experienced if the treatment has been received elsewhere). Although it is possible to perform this treatment at a person's desk or workstation, it is advisable for a private area to be provided to avoid any distractions whilst the treatment is being carried out.

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