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Debbie Waller Hypnotherapy Beal, North Yorkshire
Relaxation, de-stressing and motivational sessions using Hypnotherapy/NLP techniques. Suitable for individual or group sessions. General Hypnotherapy Register Insurance Cover: £2,000,000
North and West Yorkshire 01977 678593
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Debbie Waller Hypnotherapy
NHS provider
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Therapy is any procedure or practice that helps you to overcome problems or symptoms. Hypnosis itself is not therapy, but it allows you to apply your sub-conscious knowledge and resources to resolve your problems. This makes the therapy you undergo in trance more effective in helping you create a long term change in your attitudes and behaviour. Remember that hypnosis is not ‘mind control’. In fact, the idea behind hypnotherapy is to give back the control that you have lost, and which is causing your problem or symptoms. All information given in a therapy session is treated as confidential. The number of sessions you need will depend on why you want to use hypnotherapy and whether you elect to be treated individually or as part of a group. Most therapy is given on a one to one basis. However, arrangements can be made for small groups wishing to work on giving up smoking, weight control, past life regression, or sports enhancement. Self hypnosis, and other stress reduction techniques, can be taught to individuals or to small groups. This is especially suitable for a corporate setting.

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